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Is WWE coming to an end?

Posted By on January 9, 2011

As a die-hard fan i started watching WWF when i was just 3 years old. Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart the list goes on and on…. Time after time when i tuned into the TV channel i had my best wrestler fighting for the Gold (The WWE Championship).

In 1990-Early 2000, the WWE grew stronger and stronger. The coming up of Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H really made WWE a treat to watch. The factions DX, NWO, The Evolution just added chocolate flavor to my coffee. Every month i used to sit back and wait for the supreme shows of Summerslam, king of the ring, survior series, wrestlemania and my best Royal Rumble. The Hitman and Shawn controversy, the deadman coming to the bike ride, the end of WCW made wwe the best watch.

Now at the start of 2011, what i see …

The MIZ is the WWE champion. They have lost it entirely. It is the same reaction i had when i saw rey mysterio being crowned as the new wwe champion. Why ??? These intercontinental championship contenders are being given a career boost. I do believe Sheamus can be a perfect choice but rather than promoting him they are focusing on John Morrison.

Smack down – How many times i will have to watch Kane Vs Edge? The same matches and rivalaries are just not giving the right flavor.

The question is what can be done?

At the end of the day, i just feel tired of watching the same matches being shown in just a different way. The comic timing of the rock and austin can never come back. The matches like Kurt Angle Vs Brook Lesner are far away to be seen. The factions like DX and NWO can never be replaced by Nexus (hahaha).

WWE have funds, Vince bring back the oldies, OLD is Gold or WWE will fall like a pack of cards.

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3 Responses to “Is WWE coming to an end?”

  1. the wrestler today is over reacting and very soft! Unlike before it seems real when stone cold beat the rock and triple h!

  2. i like the way brock lesnar wrestle there’s always a fire in his eyes! I like randy orton before when he was still with batista and triple h but now he’s soft!

  3. all true its not not interesting to watch!!! i miss the rocks days and him and austin kick each other ass now they have losers who are just making it bad….i dont know how they are still in business

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