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A Farewell to Shawn Michaels

Posted By on May 14, 2010

It was really a surprise and a sad day, when undertaker beat Shawn and ended his career at the Wrestle Mania. We all thought it might end up in a different way, but it didn’t and what we look at was the ferocious Tombstone from the Undertaker.

Monday Night Raw, still everybody glued to the TV sets and the arena bench cheering Once More SHAWN!! Once More SHAWN!! couldn’t change what was going to happen.

In my personal opinion, shawn was one of the great wrestler of all time. The DX persona, the HBK dance, rings, chains and the Bret hart controversy all made him achieve the great heights in WWE. He should have got one more TITLE reign but i guess vince may have ran out of money.

At last, i just want to say… Once More Shawn !!!

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