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Scott Hall – The Sad ESPN Documentary

Posted By on October 23, 2011

I am one of the Razor Ramon fans that just saw the documentary made by ESPN on his life. I believe it is really sad but unfortunately i will agree with what X-pac said there “We are waiting for his death from a long time..”.

Now drug abuse may not be a new thing being associated with wrestler and many wrestlers may already have lost their livelihood because of the same. But where Scott Hall can make a difference (and i believe he can make it and i am really against the people who write against him)  is come out of it and create a huge example for the future generation of wrestlers and even drug addicts.

Scott has been fighting and i believe he can fight but this time around against the drugs and for his family. I do see a Razor in Cody (His son) and want to hear and get that feel of 90’s back when we use to switch to the tv sets and chant Razor!! Razor!! Razor!!

I hope there is one day when Scott, Nash, Kid, Shawn and HHH are inducted in the hall of fame together and gives a Life time speech!!

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