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History and Biography of Macho Man Randy Savage

Posted By on February 19, 2009

History and Biography of Macho Man Randy Savage

History and Biography of Macho Man Randy Savage

History and Biography of Macho Man Randy Savage

Real Name: Randy Mario Poffo
Birthday: November 15, 1953
Hometown: Originally: Downers Grove, Illinois
Moved to Sarasota, Florida
Marital Status: Once dated Debbie Combs.
Divorced from Elizebeth
Once dated Georgous George
Height & Weight: 6’2″ – 273 lbs
Trained by: Angelo Poffo
Previous Gimmicks: Destroyer (Lexington)
Executioner (ICW)
Spider (Indies)
Mr. Madness (WWF)
Macho King (WWF)
Finishing Move: Flying Elbow Drop
Favorite Moves:
Notable Feuds:
Austin Idol
Rock N Roll Express
Jerry Lawler
Rick Rude
King Kong Bundy
Eddie Gilbert
George Steele
Billy Jack Haynes
Junkyard Dog
Ricky Steamboat
Ted Debiase
Andre The Giant
Bad News Brown
Big Bossman
Hulk Hogan
Brutus Beefcake
Jim Duggan
Dusty Rhodes
Ultimate Warrior
Ric Flair
Razor Ramon
Lex Luger
Diamond Dallas Page
Kevin Nash

Mini Biography:


Randy Poffo was born on November 15, 1953, on the campus of Ohio State University, He is the son of wrestler Angelo Poffo and the brother of “Leaping” Lanny Poffo. Randy was a baseball player and was in the farm systems of the Cardinals, Reds and White Sox. He became a wrestler in 1975.


Randy gained national attention in 1985 when he joined the WWE. In a surprise, he named the lovely Miss Elizabeth to be his manager. In real life he was married to the late Elizabeth Heulette. Within months, he had beaten Hulk Hogan twice at Madison Square Garden before winning the Intercontinental Championship from Tito Santana.

The Longest Reigning Intercontinental Champion:

His title reign lasted over a year and was the longest title reign to that point. His most notable feuds were with George Steele, who had a crush on Elizabeth, and Ricky Steamboat. He crushed Steamboat’s larynx and lost the title to Steamboat in a classic match at WrestleMania 3. Later in the year he feuded with the Honky Tonk Man over the belt and became friends with Hulk Hogan in the process.

The Mega-Powers:

Savage and Hogan teamed up to form the Mega-Powers. When Hogan was cheated out of his title, Savage won the belt in a tournament by beating four men at WrestleMania IV with some help from Hogan. For the next year their relationship started to get sour and finally collapsed on NBC in a prime time Main Event special. Hogan beat Savage for the title at WrestleMania V.
The Macho King, Marriage and World Champ Again:

Shortly after losing the title he became the Macho King. At WrestleMania VII, he lost a retirement match to the Ultimate Warrior but after the match made up with Elizabeth. A few weeks later he proposed to her and they were married at SummerSlam. Jake Roberts gave her a cobra as a wedding gift which led to his eventual return. He would win the WWE Title from Ric Flair at WrestleMania VIII in a feud where Flair claimed that “Elizabeth was mine before she was yours!”.


After being relegated to announcing, Savage went to the WCW in 1994. His feud with Flair was reignited when his father was attacked. Savage was turned on by Hogan when Hollywood Hogan formed the New World Order. A little while later, Savage joined the NWO and feuded with Dallas Page. In 1999, Savage wasn’t resigned by WCW due to cost cutting.


In his retirement, Savage stared in Spider-Man as Bonesaw McGraw. He also made a rap album in which he challenges Hulk Hogan to a fight due to his real life beef with Hogan over the breakup of several of his relationships. On May 1, 2003, his ex-wife Miss Elizabeth died from an overdose of a combination of alcohol and pain pills at the home of her boyfriend, former WCW Champion, Lex Luger.

Main Biography

  • Southeastern Tag Team titles w/Ole Anderson;
  • ICW World Heavyweight title;
  • WWF Intercontinental title defeating Tito Santana (February 8, 1986);
  • WWF King of the Ring Tournament Winner defeating King Kong Bundy in the Finals (April 9, 1987);
  • WWF World Heavyweight title defeating Ted DiBiase in a Tournament Final (March 27, 1988);
  • WWF World Heavyweight title defeating “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (April 5, 1992);
  • WCW World Heavyweight title by winning a 3-ring World War III Battle Royal (November 26, 1995);
  • WCW World Heavyweight title defeating “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (January 22, 1996);
  • WCW World Heavyweight title defeating Sting (April 19, 1998);
  • Obsessedwithwrestling.com Hall of Fame Inductee (2004);
  • In the Beginning

  • Randy Poffo was a baseball player and had stints as a catcher with several minor league systems;
  • ~~~The St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox for five years..
  • Randy Poffo was still playing ball when his father, pro wrestler Angelo Poffo, got Randy into wrestling..Randy Poffo
  • November 1973: Randy Poffo, all 175 pounds of him, had his first match against Paul Christy..
  • ~~~Randy Poffo eventually gave up baseball and got into wrestling full-time..
  • 1974: Randy Poffo began wrestling in the Georgia and Florida areas occasionally competing under a mask as “The Spider”..
  • Randy Poffo met up here with a pair of longtime friends, the Anderson Brothers..
  • Randy Poffo teamed with Ole Anderson to win the Southeastern Tag Team Championship..
  • Randy Poffo held the Southern Tag Team titles with his brother Lanny Poffo a few years later..International Championship Wrestling
  • Ole Anderson once commented on how Randy wrestled like a savage, that prompted him to change his name to Randy Savage..
  • 1978: Randy’s father Angelo Poffo began his very own wrestling promotion, called International Championship Wrestling (ICW)..
  • 1979: Randy Savage defeated his brother Lanny Poffo to become the second ICW World Heavyweight title..AWA Memphis & Jerry Lawler
  • 1983: Randy Savage left ICW and signed with the Memphis-based AWA, which was one of ICW’s competitors..
  • ~~~Angelo Poffo and Lanny Poffo later joined Memphis when ICW folded..
  • 1984: Randy Savage won the AWA International Heavyweight title from Austin Idol..
  • Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo feuded with the RockNRoll Express..
  • Randy Savage would (briefly) become a member of Gary Hart’s first family, and received shots at AWA Southern champ Jerry Lawler..
  • Randy Savage once again turned heel by first defeating Jerry Lawler for the Southern title..
  • ~~~Randy Savage then piledrove Jerry Lawler on a metal plate, putting him in the hospital..
  • ~~~This would begin one of the bloodiest feuds in Memphis history..
  • ~~~No DQ matches. Barbed Wire matches. Cage matches. Fireballs. Nothing seemed to be able to settle this feud..
  • Randy Savage lost the Southern title to Jerry Oske, but regained it shortly after..
  • Randy Savage signed a loser-leaves-town match against Jerry Lawler..
  • ~~~Randy Savage lost the bloody brawl, and was forced to leave Memphis for at least one year..World Wrestling Federation
  • 1985: Randy Savage entered the WWF and became the target of several managers hoping to sign him..
  • Randy Savage was known as Randy “Macho Man” Savage from then on..
  • ~~~Randy Savage would turn down Mr. Fuji, Jimmy Hart & Bobby Heenan before before aligning himself with Elizabeth..
  • Randy Savage made it to the finals of the WWF’s “Wrestling Classic” tournament before losing to the Junkyard Dog..
  • February 6, 1986: Randy Savage defeated Tito Santana to win the Intercontinental title at the Boston Garden..
  • Randy Savage challanged Hulk Hogan for the WWF Heavyweight title in matches all over the World..
  • Wrestlemania II: Randy Savage successfully defended the IC title against George “The Animal” Steel..
  • November 1986: On WWF Television, Randy Savage took on Ricky Steamboat and seriously injured Ricky’s throat..
  • ~~~Randy Savage used the timekeeper’s bell and jumped off the top rope jamming Steamboat’s throat!
  • ~~~A few weeks later Rick Steamboat returned and had a bloody feud with Randy Savage..
  • March 29, 1987 – Wrestlemania III: Randy Savage was defeated by Ricky Steamboat in the greatest match in WWF history..The Mega Powers
  • Randy Savage (freshly turned babyface) challanged Honky Tonk Man (who had defeated Steamboat for the IC Title)..
  • ~~~Randy Savage delivered his flying elbow finisher to the champion, when Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart spoiled the finish!
  • ~~~HTM, The Harts beat-down Savage, and then held him in place while Honky prepared to strike Randy with his guitar..
  • ~~~Elizabeth tried to intervene, but was shoved down by Honky Tonk Man and she left for the locker room..
  • ~~~Honky Tonk smashed the guitar over Savage’s head, when suddenly from the back came Elizabeth along with Hulk Hogan!
  • ~~~Hulk Hogan charged the ring and along with Randy Savage, sent Honky Tonk and The Harts fleeing..
  • ~~~Randy Savage then extended his hand to his former rival, and Hulk Hogan accepted..
  • March 27, 1988 – Wrestlemania 4: Randy Savage won a 14-Man Tournament to crowned the WWF Undisputed Champion!
  • ~~~Randy Savage defeated Butch Reed, Greg Valentine, One Man Gang & then Ted DiBiase in the finals..
  • ~~~Randy Savage was helped by Hulk Hogan in the finals against DiBiase who was being helped by Andre The Giant..
  • ~~~Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan then became known as the MegaPowers after the handshake felt ’round the world!
  • August 28, 1988 – Summerslam: The Megapowers defeated Ted DiBiase & Andre the Giant with Jesse Ventura as referee..
  • ~~~Elizabeth caused a distraction at the end of the match but pulling off her skirt, allowing the Megapowers to win!
  • November 24, 1988 – Survivor Series: The Megapowers were the sole survivors in their match against DiBiase’s Team..
  • ~~~Tension began to form between the MegaPowers, when Hogan also took Elizabeth on as his manager..
  • Fall 1988: The Big Boss Man attacked Hulk Hogan on the Brother Love Show..
  • ~~~Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan started a feud with the The Big Bossman & Akeem (known as The Twin Towers, managed by Slick..
  • January 15, 1989 – Royal Rumble: Hulk Hogan accidentally eliminated Randy Savage, prompting a verbal altercation between the two..
  • ~~~Eventually, Elizabeth ran down and got between the two men, saving them from coming to blows..
  • February 3, 1989 – The Main Event: The MegaPowers defeated the Twin Towers with a truckload of contraversy..
  • ~~~During this match, Savage was thrown from the ring by Akeem and fell onto Elizabeth, rendering her unconscious..
  • ~~~Hulk Hogan rushed to her side and carried her back to recieve medical attention, leaving Savage to battle their opponents alone..
  • ~~~Hulk Hogan eventually returned to the ring to re-join Savage, but as Hulk reached for a tag, he was slapped by the Macho Man!
  • ~~~Randy Savage then grabbed his WWF title belt and left Hogan to fend for himself, eventually picking up the win..
  • ~~~After the match, the MegaPowers got into a verbal altercation in the back at Elizabeth’s bedside..
  • ~~~Randy Savafe accused Hulk Hogan of lusting for Elizabeth and viciously attacked him with the title belt!
  • ~~~Hulk Hogan’s longtime friend, Brutus Beefcake, attempted to come to Hogan’s aid, and was also beaten up by Randy..
  • April 5, 1989 – Wrestlemania V “The Mega Powers Explode”: Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Savage to win the WWF Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Elizabeth chose to take a neutral corner for this match, but ultimately put an end to her alliance with Randy Savage..
  • ~~~Hulk Hogan got up from Macho Man’s flying elbow during the match, and pinned him to capture the championship..Battling Hulkamania
  • Randy Savage aquired the services of “Sensational” Sherri Martel as his new manager..
  • Randy brought in Tom “Tiny” Lister (aka Zeus), who had starred in the movie “No Holds Barred” with Hogan..
  • Summerslam 1989: Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake defeated Randy Savage & Zues..The Macho King
  • Randy Savage turned his sights to “King” Jim Duggan and the “crown” of wrestling..
  • Randy defeated Jim Duggan to become the new “King of Wrestling” with the help of Sherri, who would become “Queen Sherri”..
  • Randy Savage was then to be known as “The Macho King”..
  • Wrestlemania VI: Macho King & Queen Sherri were defeated by Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire in the WWF’s first intergender match..
  • Summerslam 1990: Macho King defeated Dusty Rhodes..
  • Royal Rumble 1991: Macho King interfered in the Ultimate Warrior’s title match, causing him to lose the belt to Sgt Slaughter..
  • Wrestlemania VII: The Ultimate Warrior defeated the Macho King in a “Retirement Match” forcing Randy into retirement..
  • ~~~Sherri (disgusted with her King) attacked and beat on Nacho after the match..
  • ~~~Elizabeth (sitting in the audience) jumped the rail and rescued her former friend!
  • ~~~Randy Savage & Elizabeth were reunited in one of the most emotionally charged moments of all time..“Retirement”
  • Randy Savage began doing commentary on the WWF Superstars television program..
  • Randy Savage proposed on live television to Elizabeth, who accepted with an emotional “Oooh, yeah!”..
  • Summerslam 1991: Randy & Elizabeth were married in the middle of the ring in what was called “A Match Made in Heaven”..
  • ~~~During their reception, they were presented with a gift box from Jake “The Snake” Roberts..
  • ~~~When they newlyweds opened the box, they were horrified to find a King Cobra waiting inside!
  • A few weeks later, Randy Savage was attacked by Jake Roberts, and tied up in the ropes..
  • ~~~Jake Roberts then allowed his cobra snake to literally bite Randy Savage’s bicep in a horrifying moment!
  • Randy began to campaign to WWF President Jack Tunney to reinstate him as a wrestler so that he could do battle with Jake Roberts..
  • ~~~Jack Tunney eventually agreed..Out of Retirement
  • December 3, 1991 – “Tuesday in Texas”: Randy Savage defeated Jake Roberts..
  • ~~~After the match, Roberts gave Randy his DDT finisher several times..
  • ~~~Elizabeth entered the ring and begged Jake Roberts to leave Randy alone..
  • ~~~Jake Roberts struck her in the face!
  • ~~~Randy Savage & Jake Roberts engaged in a feud that saw them do battle across the United States..
  • February 8, 1992 – SNME: Randy Savage defeated Jake Roberts to finally end the feud..Randy Savage vs Ric Flair
  • Ric Flair (then WWF Champion) began making claims that he was having an affair with Elizabeth..
  • Wrestlemania VIII: Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair to become WWF Heavyweight champion for the second time in his career!
  • Summerslam 1992: The Ultimate Warrior defeated Randy Savage by COUNT OUT after Ric Flair & Mr Perfect interfer..
  • September 1, 1992: Ric Flair took advantage of Savage’s injured leg and defeated him to regain the WWF title..End of an Era
  • Wrestlemania X: Randy Savage defeated Crush in a “Falls Count Anywhere Match”..
  • 1994: Randy Savage appeared occasionally in Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion..
  • Fall 1994: Randy Savage’s WWF contract expires and Randy departs the federation after 9 years..World Championship Wrestling
  • Randy signed with WCW, joining his friend (and enemy), Hulk Hogan, who was feuding with the “The Dungeon of Doom”..
  • November 26, 1995 – WCW’s World War III: Randy won the WCW World title by winning the 60-man three-ring battle royal..
  • 1996: Randy Savage joins the new World order..
  • Randy Savage took a hiatus from the company, only to return with a new look, a new attitude..
  • ~~~Randy Savage also brought with him a new manager, his then 22 year old girlfriend, Gorgeous George..
  • 1999: Randy Savage’s WCW contract expires, and he isn’t re-signed..Retirement
  • Randy Savage appeared in the smash hollywood movie “Spiderman” as the character “Bonesaw McGraw”..
  • Randy Savage releases his first rap album (yes you heard me) a rap album, with a song entitled “Be A Man Hulk!”
  • October 8, 2003: Randy Savage got a brutal review for his CD in yesterday’s New York Post.
  • ~~~~~~~Dan Quilante wrote that the record, “defies the laws of physics by blowing and sucking at the same time”
  • November 7, 2004 – TNA Victory Road: Randy Savage makes his shocking debut, proclaiming that there is a NEW sherriff in town!
  • ~~~Reports circulate that Randy Savage had an unspecified (and uncomfortable) confrontation with Hulk Hogan backstage..
  • November 9, 2004: Randy Savage phoned in and informed the TNA office that he was cancelling all future appearances with TNA..
  • ~~~The report states that Randy Savage cited an “unsafe working environment” as his excuse for pulling out of his dates..
  • November 19, 2004 – TNA Impact: Randy Savage renotiated with TNA and appeared on TNA confronting the Kings of Wrestling..
  • November 26, 2004 – TNA Impact: Randy Savage showed up at the end of the show leading the force against the King of Wrestling..
  • December 5, 2004 – Turning Point: Randy Savage & Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles defeated The Kings of Wrestling (Jarrett & Nash & Hall)..
  • December 8, 2004: Randy Savage is gone from TNA again over a disagreement on the finish of the next scheduled PPV..
  • January 2005: Randy Savage appeared at several WLW shows and took park in several training sessions with Race’s students..
  • ~~~Savage apparantly got a little too involved and took a bad bump and injured his back when he landed badly..
  • February 18, 2005: Randy Savage told a Missouri newspaper that he can’t wrestle right now because of “health concerns”..
  • June 2005: Randy Savage has stopped taking bookings since he hurt his back working for Harley Race’s WLW promotion..
  • ~~~Reports have circulated that he has dropped a lot of weight and shaved his beard, making him unrecognizable..
  • Post-wrestling career

    His former wife Elizabeth Hulette was found dead in the home of professional wrestler Lex Luger on May 1, 2003 from a drug overdose. According to a 2003 shoot interview with Lanny Poffo (Savage’s brother), Savage has no animosity towards Luger, and feels that Elizabeth brought about her own death due to her drug use.

    In 2003, Savage was interviewed in the premiere issue of WWE SmackDown! Magazine.

    In 2005, Savage told a Missouri newspaper that he couldn’t wrestle right now at the moment because of “health concerns”.

    DVD: “Macho Madness” (2009)

    It was recently announced on the wrestling internet website WrestleView.com that a WWE DVD documentary on Randy Savage is scheduled for a June 9, 2009 release. This DVD will be titled Macho Madness and it will include three discs. In the past WWE has canceled plans on the much-awaited Macho Man documentary.

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