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Will CM Punk bring the era of Rock and Austin back?

Posted By on August 14, 2011

The real question: Is Cm Punk, the wrestler that will bring back the lost entertainment to WWE?

With latest rivalries and certainly having won the heart of the crowd, CM punk is going to go in the hall of fame books. His latest CM Punk leaving WWE promo below:

CM Promo of Leaving WWE

has won millions of hearts over the world and respect in the locker room. Seriously speaking, having being one of a true wwf 😉 fan, the promo was one of the best as CM punk really kicked vince mc mahon candy ass.

It will be interesting to watch how the wwe progress and if they use his talent to get back the living edge. With tons of talent like wade barret, sheamus, Daniel Bryan etc it is now worth a watch.

But reading news conversation if they are going to back the era of Rock and Austin, Well WWE you got to need 1000 of CM Punk to do that.

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